Sunday, November 4, 2012

November 4

Staving off a cold by sleeping/napping though I should be baking and doing paperwork.

I did make scones--apple raisin scones and blueberry scones.  I made the dough for cheddar coins and did prep for more.  I'll have to do some intense baking in the early hours before I need to leave for work.

In the meanwhile, did anyone notice the extra hour we had today?  I must say I did not feel particularly better rested.  And since the clocks in the house all adjust themselves (magical!!), there wasn't even the psychological boost that comes from physically turning back the clock.  It passed unnoticed like those ripples at sea that miles later hit the shore in the form of a tsunami.  Not a good analogy I guess---because the real effect is not all that earth shaking---just a little less darkness in the early morning.

I loved the e-mail from Kiosk (in NYC) -- a lovely Joycean riff about Storm Sandy and about the necessity of voting for President Obama.  Nate Silver says the electoral college numbers look good--from his column to God's ears.

I am entranced by the idea of cajeta -- dulce de leche sin canned milk.  Canned milk is just sort of creepy, so the notion of making the real thing, just using milk and sugar and baking soda is rather cool.
Could it fill sandwich cookies?  Could almond butter made at home with the addition of some cream and butter and sugar also be a filling?

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