Saturday, November 3, 2012

November 3
We were having drinks and someone mentioned baguettes and where to find the best available here.  The best isn't bad but neither is it very good.  The conversation went on to a proposed trip a friend is taking to Oregon and mention was made of a bakery in Portland, name unknown.
Afterwards, at home, I remembered the Saveur bread edition.  I found it and the name of the bakery (Ken's Artisan) and happened upon a recipe for a four hour baguette.  It was a less fussy, simplified version of a traditional autolyse method baguette I learned in school.  All of this, of course, combined to make me crave a good baguette....

The recipe, with good instructions and several somewhat helpful photos is to be found on page 52 of the May, 2012 issue (#147) of Saveur.

It's been a while since I made bread entirely by hand.  I had forgotten what a pleasure it can be to eschew the stand mixer and mix and knead by hand.  The house smelled wonderful; few smells in life are as good as the aroma of baking bread.  On reflection, it probably could have baked a bit longer, but it was really delicious.  A nice crunch of crust, a nice chew, pretty laciness inside, and a surprisingly good flavor for such a simple bread.  And it really was ready in 4 hours...

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