Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool

It's taken me years to get around to a second just took me about twenty minutes to find the blog I started so long ago and then to get signed in.

It's just after noon, a bit chilly and just a sliver of sun making it through the clouds. But the bird song is amazing for so early in spring and the garden I'm sitting in is full of color and soft scents, not to mention two beautiful Belgian sheepdogs. They (the beloved 'children' of friends--I'm denominated their aunt) go from frenzied wild kingdom-style play to utter stillness. Right now, they are lying in the small patch of sun, quite aware of how beautiful they are.

Today's baking---the cinnamon scones again--or Snickerdoodle Scones as Alex likes to call them--they are very good. Also chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies. Much to bake for tomorrow--at least two kinds of muffins, two kinds of scones, butterscotch pecan oat cookies (there must be a better name for those) and more citrus shortbread. I have to plan for Easter cookies, hot cross buns for the end of the week, perhaps some Easter cupcakes? a fruit bread and some sort of coffeecake for tomorrow as well.

Savory scones are on my mind again. I've had requests for the cheddar scallion scones and had a conversation about doing a caprese scone--mozzarella and tomato and basil--I have to think about how best to do that one. Also pesto, ham and cheese, other vegetable variations. We went to a tasting of cheeses from Rogue Creamery--the fabulous David and some of the best cheeses ever--certainly as good as French (and that's saying something) and those cheese were so wonderful and gave me such ideas....I need to find the print-out of exactly what we tasted--happily I have some in the fridge--tho I've eaten a good bit of it...

The rhubarb cake I made adapting a recipe from Food 52 (I must go and thank the author of the original recipe which is a corker) was a huge success and I should make that again while there is still rhubarb about. The Zu kids named it Unicorn Cake--upside down apple rhubarb ginger oat cake is a little unwieldy. I made it in a good heavy round cake pan instead of the cast iron pan called for--no problem at all. I happily started keeping my fresh ginger in the freezer (a tip from somewhere--Ming? who knows...--and when I needed grated fresh ginger, I just grated it frozen--it was perfect--produced lovely even gratings with no difficulty, no strings, no mess. Freezer to grater for me from now on.

I have said my thank yous and here's the link to the recipe posted by thirschfeld on Food52.

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